Initial concepts


Finding the right plans for your ideas

If you are considering developing your property, and are looking for inspiration and ideas, we can draw up a range of initial designs for you. Our skilled designers offer the expertise to craft a diverse range of preliminary design concepts. These concepts will serve as the foundation for your vision, providing you with innovative ideas and direction to shape your project.

Getting a feel for your location and requirements

Our first step involves visiting your home or site and engaging in a productive discussion to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project and your unique requirements. During this initial meeting, we'll also delve into your budget and project timelines. Additionally, we'll provide a detailed overview of the services we offer and advise you on which ones align best with the specific needs of your project.


A designer looking over interior design plans 

Preparing your proposals

Following our initial consultation, we will carefully prepare a transparent fee proposal and a comprehensive schedule of services. If you decide to move forward with our proposal and agree to our terms, this will formalise our appointment as your dedicated project partner. It's important to note that, in most cases, we do not apply charges for our services during the pre-appointment stage