Garage conversions



Transform Your Space

If you are looking to convert your garage into a living space or annexe, we have the knowledge and experience to create superb designs. We ensure that the converted space seamlessly integrates with your home while meeting your specific requirements.

Creative Solutions

Our team of experienced designers is dedicated to transforming your garage into a functional and aesthetically pleasing living area. We take pride in offering creative solutions that make the most of your available space.

With an in-depth knowledge of Manchester's architectural landscape and building regulations, we provide designs that not only meet your needs but also comply with all local requirements.


A garage

How it works

We will meet with you to discuss your garage conversion project, including your vision, requirements, budget, and timelines. From there, we can create initial concepts and sketches, presenting you with design options tailored to your vision. Based on your feedback, we fine-tune the chosen concept to ensure it aligns with your expectations, functionality needs, and aesthetics. We also handle all planning and permitting processes on your behalf, ensuring that your garage conversion design complies with local regulations and secures necessary approvals.